About Us

Established in 2003, Syracuse Custom Carpentry & Millwork LLC (SCCM), located in East Syracuse, NY is an architectural millwork company that produces superior and high quality wood products. Our wood specialties include radius moldings, casings, crowns and bases, custom radius jambs, custom doors, rosette corner blocks, corbels, and custom turnings and staircases. Our wood products are produced from virtually any species and we will precisely match any radius or straight profiles to your specifications.

The partners of SCCM, Scott Coville, Tony Gessini and Andy McDonald shared a vision and saw a need for high end carpentry in CNY, and therefore founded SCCM. Tony and Scott bring more than 5o years of expertise craftsmanship and a genuine passion for the design and creation of custom products. Andy is responsible for every aspect of the operation of the business from meeting and consulting with clients, to ensuring each project is carefully considered and planned to ensure customer satisfaction. The unique skill set and hands-on experience SCCM brings to every project is unmatched.

SCCM continues to build on its tradition of excellence as a market leader in the Syracuse, NY area. We started our business in a 10.000 square foot building, primarily focused on completing custom work for Class A office space. Over time as a result of hard work, dedication, and the desire to aspire to work that was unique and unsurpassed by others in our industry, SCCM moved into a larger 34,000 square foot building allowing us the space and equipment to take on even larger high end custom, architectural projects.

To ensure the quality of our products and guarantee customer satisfaction, SCCM saw a need to control every level of production. As a result a sister company, Finger Lakes Molding INC, was established in 2007. The new company has ensured limitless design potential and quick product development as well as create an opportunity to meet the needs of a greater customer base.

As a result of our commitment to creativity, craftsmanship and guaranteed customer satisfaction, our business has flourished over the years, allowing us tremendous opportunities to showcase our work. SCCM has been contracted to work on such projects as Destiny USA, businesses and homes across the United States, projects ranging in price from hundreds of dollars to over 3 million dollars. SCCM is dedicated to your complete satisfaction, from your initial meeting with the designer through the installation and beyond. Your experience will be completely custom tailored to your liking and unique to your own personality.